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Many errands are the easiest to solve

Bookings for sampling due to Covid-19, bookings for medical appointments in health care, requests for prescription renewals, communication with doctors and other healthcare professionals and much more is available.

Telephone directory

Primary number

450 4500

Medical services outside of daytime work


Emergency number


The health institution has several main establishments and they are mentioned below:

Phone numberOpening hours
Ísafjörður hospital and clinic450 4500Exchange desk 08:00-15:00 weekdays
– Doctor on duty outside of daytime work170015:00-08:00 weekdays and weekends
– X-ray department450 451708:00-15:00 weekdays
– Research Department450 451608:00-15:00 weekdays
– Accident department Open 24 hours a day (call ahead at 450 4500)
– Outpatient Department of Hand Medicine 10:00-12:00 Tuesdays and Fridays
– Midwife – on call860 7455 
– Nursing department Tjörn Þingeyri, nursing shift450 4583 
 – Home Nursing Department450 4537 
– Home Nursing Department – Head of Department450 4535 
The healthcare seal Bolungarvík450 4590*09:00-12:00 Tuesdays and Thursdays
The healthcare seal Súðavík450 4585*13:00-15:00 Tuesdays
The healthcare seal Suðureyri450 4570*10:20-12:00 Wednesdays 
Health care seal Flateyri450 4575*13:00-15:00 Wednesdays
The healthcare seal Þingeyri450 4580*09:00-11:00 Mondays and 13:00-14:30 Thursdays
Nursing home Eyri, Ísafjörður – nursing shift450 4568 
- Head of the Department of Ears and Berg450 4567 
– Pliers450 4531 
– Dock450 4532 
– Hook450 4533 
Berg nursing home, Bolungarvík450 4595Always open
Patreksfjörður hospital and clinic450 2000Exchange table 08:00-15:00
– The healthcare seal Tálknafjörður456 2621 
– The healthcare seal Bíldudal456 2171 
* = Appointments in s. 450-4500

Medication renewal by phone

Requests for the renewal of prescriptions are the easiest to send Heilsuvera. Those who want to request a renewal by phone can call weekdays between 10:00–11:00 in 450 4500 and select 3 when the answering machine answers.


The general email address is For other email addresses, see staff list.

Data portal

Here you can send sensitive documents (documents containing personal data) to the Vestfjörður Health Institute through a secure data portal, Signet transfer. In order to use this option, you must have a valid electronic ID on your phone.

When you log in for the first time, you need to enter your phone number and email address and then click on Save.

After that you can choose Send to company up, insert the document on the left and select us on the right, see diagram on the right.

Suggestions and complaints

Suggestions and complaints are all welcome. Since the nature of these cases can be very different, the right place for them varies:

  1. General everyday tips: It is often easiest to just speak directly to the relevant employee or department manager. If it does not apply, it is best to send them to the CEO for processing.
  2. Violation of the law on patients' rights: The law on patients' rights covers, among other things, the duty of confidentiality and many other things. Complaints according to of this law shall be directed to the CEO, who will handle the complaint as the case may be with the Director of Medicine and/or Nursing.
  3. Complaints related to Act on the National Medical Examiner: Although the principle is that complaints about the services we provide should be sent to senior management, there are cases where such a notification can be sent to the National Medical Examiner's Office.

Send invoice and social security number

The institution's identification number is 650914-0740.

Like other government agencies, we only accept invoices in electronic (XML) format. Such a form saves both the sender and us a lot of time and increases the reliability of accounting. The financial administration has a good overview about how electronic invoices work. Can be sent single accounts through the so-called Drawer, but all accounting programs, some of which are free when few invoices are sent, offer the sending of XML invoices.

Bank account: 0156-26-006600.

IBAN: IS38 0156 2600 6600 6509 1407 40

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Updated 11. July 2023 (GÓ)

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