The Vestfjörður Health Institute was created in its current form in 2014 when the former Vestfjörður Health Institute merged with the Patreksfjörður Health Institute. The institute normally employs 250 people in around 190 full-time positions.

The largest establishments are in Ísafjörður, where the hospital, health care and nursing home Eyri are run. Patreksfjörður has an integrated hospital and nursing department as well as health care. in Bolungarvík is the nursing home Eyri and health care center. In Þingeyri, there is a Tjörn nursing home and a health center. There are health care seals in Bíldudal, Flateyri, Súðavík, Suðureyri and Tálknafjörður.

The Vestfjörður Health Institute is state-run. The CEO is appointed by the Minister of Health for a five-year term. The executive board makes all major decisions in the organization's work, but major decisions must be submitted to the organization's professional council.

The health district

Vestfjörður's health district covers five municipalities: Bolungarvíkurkaupstað, Ísafjörðarbær, Súðavíkurhrepp, Tálknafjörðurhrepp and Vesturbyggð.

Updated 20. June 2023 (GÓ)

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