Rehabilitation, physical therapy and occupational therapy services are provided in the basement of the hospital in Torfnes. The head of the department is Sigríður Lára Gunnlaugsdóttir.

You can contact the rehabilitation department by phone 450 4558.


Physiotherapist Helgi Pálsson works part-time at the health institute and cares for the residents of Berg. In addition, he provides independent outpatient services under the brand Health promotion. More information can be found at Heilsueflinger's Facebook page.


Patreksfjörður has two part-time physiotherapists. Margrét Brynjólfsdóttir, physiotherapist, specialist in geriatric physiotherapy, works in the nursing department and health care. You can reach her by phone 4502018.

Physiotherapist Þóra Kristín Bergsdóttir provides independent outpatient services one to two weekends a month. You can make an appointment via email tora.k.bergsdottir@hvest.is. The fee depends on the SÍ tariff in each case plus the arrival fee.

Updated May 30, 2024 (JEU)

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