You can make an appointment for health services at the receptionists at Ísafjörður by phone 450 4500 and Patreksfjörður by phone 450 2000. In addition to taking appointments, receptionists provide general information about the stations' activities and convey important messages to staff.

It is necessary to inform the receptionist when you arrive for an appointment. At Ísafjörður, you can use the reception screen to register for an appointment and pay the entrance fee after the visit.

General treatment time is 20 minutes. 

Telephone hours
Doctors have phone hours every weekday. Make an appointment with the receptionist at the health center and then the doctor will call the person who has the appointment. This service is primarily to answer brief queries, provide simple advice and provide information on research results.

Express shift - same day service
Nurses are in charge of prioritizing individuals who need health care services on the same day. The goal is to provide the services that are needed at any given time by the healthcare professional who has knowledge of the problem in question. When calling a health center, the receptionist offers to register the person for a call with a nurse. The nurse calls back to get information about the reason the person needs services.

Based on that information, the nurse assesses how to react:

  • The nurse assists over the phone and assesses that further services are not needed or that a doctor's next available appointment can be booked.
  • The nurse offers an appointment the same day at a health center for further evaluation and whether the person needs more specialized services within the same day health care.
  • The nurse assesses that the person needs immediate medical services and arranges for that service to be provided on the same day.

In the case of accidents and serious illnesses where urgent services are needed – call 112!

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Updated December 14, 2021 (Björn Snorri)

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