How can solid drugs be renewed?

  • Electronically through
  • During telephone hours for health data scientists

In Heilsuvera antibiotics or strong painkillers (opioids) cannot be renewed.

Rules for drug renewals

  • Delivery of medicines can be expected to take up to 2 working days.
  • Medication renewal over the phone only applies to solid medications.
  • Please do not request otherwise from health data scientists or doctors as there are uniform rules to improve the quality of service.
  • It is important for patients not to run out of medication, so it is best to get medication renewed 3-4 days (2 working days) before the last dose is finished.


  • An interview with a doctor is always the first step in prescribing medication.
  • During an interview, a diagnosis of the problem is made, and a decision is then made about drug treatment.
  • During an interview, you can get a multi-use prescription.

Drug renewal

  • It is most convenient to request medication renewal through Heilsuvera. This requires an electronic ID.
  • On my pages on Heilsuveru, there is an overview of the medicines that the patient has been prescribed for the last three years and whether the prescription is fully used.
  • Prescriptions can also be renewed at the pharmacy phone every weekday between 10-11 at 450-4500, wait for the answering machine and then select 3.

Which medicine can be renewed?

  • You can request a renewal of medicines that are taken on a regular basis and have been prescribed by a general practitioner or another doctor.
  • Antibiotics, strong painkillers, sedatives or sleeping pills are only renewed in an interview with a doctor.

Multi-use prescriptions

  • Commonly used drugs are usually set up as multi-use prescriptions.
  • Such prescriptions are good for up to one year.

Updated November 8, 2023 (JEU)

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