There is no special media or information representative at the institute. General inquiries from the media should be sent to the CEO (; 693 3916) and to Hilda Elísabetu Pétursdóttir's deputy director of nursing (; 450 4500).

Organization logo and appearance

The organization's logo and appearance in other respects was designed by the graphic designer Sigga Odds in 2021.

The appearance is intended to reflect the values of the organization. It shows a personal and down-to-earth human warmth. Simplicity is in presentation. The font is an accessible font, the color palette warm.

Click here to download a ZIP file with all versions of the label.

Interviewer photos

Gylfi Ólafsson
All photos from 2020 by Ásgeir Helga Þrastarson.

Pictures of housing

The hospital in Ísafjörður in the background and the nursing home Eyri in the foreground. Photo taken in the summer of 2018.

Author: Ásgeir Helgi Þrastarson

The hospital and health care in Patreksfjörður autumn 2020

Author: Gerður Rán Freysdóttir

Berg nursing home in Bolungarvík

Author: Ásgeir Thrasterson

Updated 24 January 2023 (GÓ)

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