On Friday, October 21, the staff of the Vestfjörður Health Institute were called to a work meeting due to a large cut in funding for healthcare in the northern part of the Vestfjörður next year.

About 80 employees attended the meeting and it was well above expectations. They were divided into 5 groups that covered all departments and functional areas of the organization. The task of the groups was to discuss and answer a number of questions about possible optimization, savings and cuts in the respective departments.
At the end of the discussions, each member of the groups could answer the existing questions individually and submit their suggestions anonymously to the pile of notes that was the result of the meeting. All the proposals will then be further examined by the executive committee of HV.
In this way, employees can have a direct part in what means it will be possible to meet these cuts. In the same way, the Commission gets many more perspectives on the possibilities available for savings.
Since the groups did not have the opportunity to see the questions that the other groups struggled with, the questions of all the groups will be posted for all to see and the workers can struggle with them and put their suggestions anonymously in a special box.

Author: HH