A new regulation entered into force this morning, which lifts considerable restrictions in people's daily lives. Healthcare institutions are exempt from the regulation, but must set their own rules. With us, the only remaining rules concern the use of masks by clients, visiting guests and employees.
Visiting rules: There are no other restrictions on visits to nursing homes (Eyri, Berg, Tjörn and Patreksfjörður). At the emergency department in Ísafjörður, visits are free during visiting hours or at other times in consultation with the nurse on duty. It continues to apply that people who are in quarantine, isolation or have flu-like symptoms are not allowed to visit.
Mask use: Clients in outpatient services (healthcare, examination, X-ray, etc.) must wear masks inside the institution. Visitors to the emergency department must wear a mask. Staff in direct patient contact in the emergency department or outpatient departments wear a mask. Other use of masks is optional.

Author: GÓ