Vaccinations have gone well in recent weeks. We have invited quite a few people to booster vaccinations and attendance has been good.

Next we vaccinate on January 6 with Pfizer.

Vaccinations for children aged 5–11 years will be 10–14. January, and will be introduced later. Both work is done on a national level during the preparation of announcements and with school administrators.

Quick test

A rapid test can be ordered at Heilsuvera in Ísafjörður and Patreksfjörður on all working days. In Ísafjörður, the rapid tests are taken in the employees' dining room on the 1st floor, entered through the main entrance, while in Patreksfjörður at the health center.

In addition, there will be rapid tests at the health center in Þingeyri on Christmas Day at 10:00–11:00 and in Bolungarvík at Þorláksmessa from 14:00–15:00 in the Assembly Hall (the top floor of the White House). These quick tests do not need to be booked separately.

The timing of the rapid test in Þingeyri was updated on December 20, as it had been written incorrectly. Sorry.