Thursday, November 18 will be a big vaccination day at the Vestfjörður Health Institute in Ísafjörður.

Everyone aged 16 and over is offered a booster dose.

Vaccinated persons who are younger than 70 years old are offered a booster dose when 6 months have passed since the second dose of basic vaccination.

Vaccinated persons aged 70 years and older can receive a booster dose when 3 months have passed since the second dose of basic vaccination.

A vaccine will be given with a vaccine from Pfizer, regardless of which vaccine was used for primary vaccination.

14 days must pass between influenza vaccination and vaccination against COVID-19

Those who have had a basic vaccination and who have also contracted COVID should wait until further instructions are received from the National Medical Examiner.

SMS invitations for booster doses will be sent out on Tuesday, Nov. 16. Those who, for some reason, do not receive an invitation are also welcome.

Anyone who has not been vaccinated so far is welcome for the first dose.

Contraindications for the third dose:

The only contraindications are those who experienced severe side effects after the second dose and those with an autoimmune disease that could worsen with vaccination. If people have a severe autoimmune disease, they should consult their doctor about whether vaccination with a booster dose is recommended.

See more on the website of the National Medical Examiner's Office: The epidemiologist recommends a third dose for all 16-year-olds and older when 6 months have passed since the basic vaccination against COVID-19 (