There have been very misleading discussions about the activities of Fjörður Hospital and the health center in Ísafjörður recently. Various parties have had a disaster in their arguments, but most of them have in common that they have not sought information and explanations from the institution about the issues that have been discussed.

In 2004, we continued with various changes that strengthen the institution in carrying out its main role, which is to provide visitors to the residents of the quarter., tourists and seafarers on Vestfjörður tickets all emergency services as well as other hospital services as well as health care that can be provided with regard to manpower, facilities and other professional aspects.

This project has been going on for the past few years and it must be considered that something has been moving forward as you can see below.

In 2001, a specialist in cardiology was contracted for regular visits.

In 2002, an agreement was reached on increased access to specialist services in the field of paediatrics at Landsspítalann-háskólarsýkrahús.

In 2003, a pharmacist and an occupational therapist were recruited to the institute, but neither a pharmacist nor an occupational therapist had previously worked at the institute.

In 2003, a contract was made with a psychologist for regular visits twice a month, and that contract was renewed in November 2004.

In 2004, three midwives came to work to strengthen maternity care, infant monitoring and delivery services, but in 2002, it was agreed with three nurses that they would go on a midwifery course and come back to the institution after completing their studies.

In 2004, a specialist in internal medicine with gastrointestinal diseases as a specialty came full-time, but a medical doctor had not been full-time at the institute since 2000.  
Among other things, the internist in question takes over the work that the geriatrician previously performed in contractor services with visits once a month, such as geriatric care and cooperation with the hospital's rehabilitation department for the rehabilitation of the elderly. The change is therefore that the sub-specialty of the working internist at the institute is now gastrointestinal diseases, whereas it used to be geriatrics.

A contract was made with a nurse for specialized training in surgical nursing, but he is expected to start work in February.

One paramedic who has completed a special course in nursing for the elderly under a contract with the institution has started working, and three others are in the same special course under a contract.

6 nurses are currently in advanced studies with the support of the institution, but they will all continue to work here.

In order to strengthen medical services in the region, in 2004, another specialist in surgery was hired, who now deals mainly with health care.

Last summer, the ophthalmologist who has been coming here for the past few years announced to the National Health Service that he could not make any more trips to Ísafjörður. Since then, an ophthalmologist has been sought to provide services to the residents of the area, and it looks like these services will be restored soon.

A gynecologist will be arriving at the end of January 2005 and hopefully regularly thereafter.

The services of a dentist have never been provided by the organization, but Ísfjörður have been lucky enough that a dentist lived here, but he will now be moved.

Unfair discussion, cover-ups and half-sentences are not conducive to making it easier for the organization's staff to fulfill their role.

There needs to be harmony regarding the operation of health services in the region, because conflict over it is harmful to everyone.