Kvenfélagið Brautin gave the Hospital in Bolungarvík a shower and bath chair as a gift on Friday.

The chair is suitable for use in the Hospital, where the bathtub has been removed and replaced by a shower. The shower and bath chair contributes to a great efficiency of work for the staff and the well-being of patients during bathing improves as the chair is extremely comfortable. The chair can also be used for hair washing and foot care, as well as being used as a toilet seat for those who need it.

The staff of the Hospital would like to thank Kvenfélagin Brautin for their support.
The accompanying photo was taken when the board of Kvenfélaginn Brautinar handed over the shower and bath chair to Sjúkraskýlin on Friday, but with them in the picture are Díana Dröfn Heiðarsdóttir, director of Sjúkraskýlin, and Hildur Einarsdóttir, who offered to try the chair on this occasion.

The news and the picture are obtained from vikari.is