Nurse Hörður Högnason has been hired as the director of nursing at the institution.  

Hörður was born on Ísafjörður in 1952 and graduated from the Íslands School of Nursing in 1978. He studied for a postgraduate course in anesthesia nursing at the New School of Nursing in 1978-1981. 

Hörður has worked at the institute and its predecessors from 1981 - 1989 as a nursing department manager and nurse anesthetist. He then worked as director of nursing at Fjörður Hospital in Ísafjörður 1989 – 1998 and as director of nursing at the Ísafjörður Health Institute 1998 – 2009.

Hörður was appointed manager of nursing at the Vestfjörður Health Institute from the beginning of last year.