Hildur Elísabet Pétursdóttir has been appointed manager of nursing from January 1, 2020. She succeeds Herði Högnasyn. The position committee for the director of nursing considered her the most qualified of the four candidates for the position advertised this fall. Hildur has worked at the organization for 22 years, of which the last years as successful nursing home department manager Ears on Ísafjörður and Bergs in Bolungarvík.  

As a result, the executive board decided to change the organizational chart of the organization so that the nursing home Tjörn á Þingeyri now belongs to the same department as Berg og Eyri. The head of department at Tjörn will then become assistant head of department, and the positions of project managers at Berg and Eyri will change to positions of assistant head of department. A new position of head of department of the combined department was subsequently advertised. There are 46 nursing rooms; 30 at Eyri, 10 at Berg and 6 at Tjörn.

Fjóla Sigríður Bjarnadóttir was appointed to the position. Fjóla graduated as a nurse in 2012 and has worked as an assistant head of department in Berg for the past few years. She is in the final stages of completing her master's degree in geriatrics. Fjóla's position has been advertised as open for applications until January 10.

Hildur Elísabet Pétursdóttir

Fjóla Sigríður Bjarnadóttir

Author: GÓ