It is of great value to the employees of the Health Institute to feel that their work matters in the lives of their fellow citizens. Sixteen grandchildren of Róslaug called Agnarsdóttir showed it in action i.e. Last May 4, when they presented the inpatient wards of HV in Ísafjörður with an auspicious gift of money in her memory. The donation will be used to improve the conditions of very sick patients in the inpatient wards. The thoughtfulness of this handsome group of 16 young people is great, and the staff and management of HVEST would like to express their sincere thanks to them. They don't have far to find a good heart, because Bíi, their grandfather and Róslaugar's husband, has often made large gifts to the hospital in recent years.

The same aunts improved even more, i.e. 19 May last, on the birthday of Róslaugar heitinn (b: 1940) and brought to the inpatient wards as a gift from her grandchildren in her memory, the so-called "heel hook", which makes it easier for users to take off their shoes; the greatest need assembly, for which we thank you very much.

Rannveig Björnsdóttir and Hildur E. Pétursdóttir, department heads of the inpatient wards, accept the gift. In the center are two of the donors, Helga Þuríður Hlynsdóttir Hafberg and Agnes Lára Agnarsdóttir

Helga Úríður and Agnes Lára with the heel hook

Author: HH