In accordance with the latest recommendations and recommendations of the quarantine doctor, it has been decided to lift the quarantine of five people who have been quarantined in Ísafjörður. There is still one person in quarantine on Ísafjörður, who had been in a different area than the other five.

The decision to quarantine is onerous but instructions of an epidemiologist however, do not impose a blanket ban on carrying out some of the activities of daily life. We therefore ask the public to show howrt other consideration.

We point out the instructions and decisions of the epidemiologist, among other things defined risk areas

The symptoms of the infection most closely resemble the flu; cough, fever, bone and muscle pain and fatigue. If individuals feel ill, they are advised to call 1700 (for foreign phone numbers +354 544-4113) and get more information about how to approach the health system. Sick persons are especially asked not to come to the emergency room of hospitals or to health centers except after receiving advice over the phone.

Author: GÓ