Rafts have now reached all the nursing departments of the Vestfjörður Health Foundation, in Patreksfjörður, Þingeyri, Bolungarvík and Ísafjörður. The kitties grind, meow and move and respond kindly to being petted. They don't lose hair and don't need to eat, but get new batteries when they get tired. The kittens were bought with donation money that the activities at Eyri have at their disposal. 

The kitties are especially welcome in the laps of the demented residents, as they are extremely pleasant and soothing. "The electric cats bring a lot of happiness and they get a lot of good cheer from the household members," says Auður Helga Ólafsdóttir, head of the department at Eyri og Berg. 

The kisan on Patreksfjörður is called Keli, on Bergi in Bolungarvík it is called Bergur, but there is still an ongoing idea competition about the names of the others.