On Thursday, a new anesthesia machine was put into use at the Hospital in Ísafjörður. The machine is the last device to be delivered from the devices collected for "Standum saman Vestfjörður".

That collection started when the darkness was the blackest during the Covid epidemic this winter. The support and warmth expressed in the collection touched all the employees as one and inspired admiration.

The success of the collection exceeded the best hopes of her relatives, and devices were purchased for around 20 million. 

The devices that were bought with the collected money are the following:

  • Four oxygen filters
  • Two BiPap external ventilators
  • One high quality anesthesia machine
  • One diagnostic tool for blood tests

Hvest thanks for this princely gift. It is the strength of the organization to find this support from the community here in the region.

Attached is a photo of nurse anesthesia Sára Guðmundsdóttir and nurse Magneu Ósk Sigrúnardóttir with the new machine.

Author: SLG