Beautiful packages and well-placed packaging are an eye-catcher for every human soul. Such packages are often accompanied by great joy, both for the person who packs, as it is a lot of hard work behind them, and also for the person who receives, as the glory is for his honor and benefit.

The HVest research department was not happy when packages from an unnamed company were received, but there was a certain joy over the waters because, to everyone's surprise, one package was added: it could be that the suppliers were getting rid of expired candy that could not be to push the customer before Christmas? Upon closer inspection (the package was opened, as it were) everything else was revealed. A small and boring cardboard box was surrounded by box refrigerants, which it is safe to say was considerably larger than the product it was supposed to protect. In these last, but perhaps not the worst, times of environmentalism, such packaging joy was expected for bees. That is not the case at all, apparently. That's why no one, layman or professional, can be trusted to say a few well-chosen words about such an act - plain or not.

The package is good and anxious research worker

The poor guy should be fine…

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