Westfjords need more dentists, both in Ísafjörður and Patreksfjörður. Now there is a great opportunity for a dentist to come to the outsourcing paradise that is Vestfjörður.

The Vestfjörður Health Institute has no role in the provision of dental services. The only official approach is that the dental offices at the health centers in Ísafjörður and Patreksfjörður are rented to independent dentists. However, it is the case that the CEO is in point 1.9 of health policy until 2030 made "district managers of health issues within their district", and we therefore want to do our part to ensure the dental health of the population. For this purpose, the director has been in contact with the mayor of the district, the Dental Association of Iceland and the chief dentist in the Development Center of Icelandic Health Care.

Dýrafjörður Tunnel connects Vestfjörður

Sigurjón Guðmundsson recently retired due to age. He leaves behind a fully equipped salon and a district that needs a dentist next to Viðar Konráðsson. Advertisements have been made among Icelandic dentists without success. In Patreksfjörður, it so happens that the population in the vicinity is not enough to support a full-time dentist, especially when you consider that the dental health of Icelanders in general has improved greatly. With the introduction of the Dýrafjörður gang, there are hopes that a dentist living in the vicinity of Ísafjörður will also be able to attend to Patreksfjörður.

Now we think there is a reason to look to foreign dentists—and because of licensing issues, especially European ones—and point out to them the advantages of doing dentistry in the Westfjords. For that reason, a video was made and small information page which has been published on Facebook among European dentists.

Since all the equipment is available, this opportunity is especially suitable for people who are not far along in their careers.

Any interested dentist should not hesitate to contact Sigurjón dentist for more information.

Author: GÓ