The Environmental Committee has met several times and examines environmental issues from various perspectives. The goal is to take green steps this year and reach three by the end of next year.

One of the things involved in this is keeping green accounting, which was done now for the first time. Here are two pictures from the bookkeeping for fun.

The first shows greenhouse gas emissions. It shows that air ambulance is the largest individual item, but when calculating it, it is based on all air ambulances in the district (regardless of who pays for the air ambulance), but without taking into account helicopter transport. It is planned to fly from Akureyri to Ísafjörður/Bíldudal, from there to Reykjavík and then back to Akureyri, where the plane is located. There were a total of 82 flights in 2021.

Other factors weigh less as the picture shows. Glaðloft is a very active greenhouse gas (300 times stronger than carbon dioxide) and is calculated from the amount purchased and not the amount used, and is probably significantly overestimated because of that.

ItemTons of CO2 valid
Air ambulance195,1
Happy air11,2
Electricity and heat60,4
Emissions in tons of C02 equivalents

The second one shows the total amount of waste by classification status for the entire salon. The aim is to reduce the total amount of waste, but also to increase the importance of sorting.

The picture shows that mixed waste is about two-thirds of the garbage. There, diapers and other nursing products weigh a lot. It will be the role of the environmental committee and the entire staff to examine this a little more closely.