The Lions Club of Ísafjörður has handed over a very handsome financial donation, or one million ISK, to the Memorial Foundation of Úlf Gunnarsson, the former Chief Medical Officer, and the Vestfjörður Health Foundation. The Lions Club's donation is intended to support the purchase of a new CT scanner for the institute. The club, which has less than 20 members, earns money, among other things, through the action of a beloved skater and sells all over the country with a good reputation. During the presentation of the gift, the representatives of the memorial fund thanked the club for this generosity and goodwill, but the Lions Club also made a very handsome financial contribution to the organization in 2005. It must also be considered an incredible achievement for such a small club to raise so much money through the hard work of club members.


In 2005, a collection was started for the purchase of CT equipment for the Vestfjörður Health Institute in Ísafjörður (formerly HSÍ). A used device was purchased for part of the fundraising money, which unfortunately broke down last year. Approximately 1,300 individuals had been examined in the device during its operational period. The importance of having such a device available at the institution is therefore indisputable in terms of shorter research time, more targeted results in diagnoses, lower costs for those who can benefit from such research at home, no less than the macroeconomic savings that the presence of the device results in.


The 2005 fundraiser was so successful that it nearly doubled the device's purchase price. Despite the strong weakening of the Icelandic króna, new devices have fallen significantly on the market, and since it was believed that the operational safety of a repaired device would be unacceptable, it was decided last fall to explore the possibility of purchasing a new device. An offer was received for a new 16-slice device of the same type as the old 4-slice device, for around 40 million ISK, on the condition that the seller would receive the old one up to the purchase price. The board of Úlfssjóð therefore decided to put in the effort and have now collected close to 40 million ISK for the purchase of a new CT scanner, and the biggest difference is the handsome contribution of Klofning ehf. ISK 5 million. However, a few million are still needed to make ends meet, so it has been decided to ask companies and the public for voluntary donations for the collection. The fund's savings account is in the Savings Bank in Ísafjörður and its number is 1128-05-2051 ID. 430210-0170.


The board of the Wolf Fund expects a good response to this appeal and aims for the new device to be put into use no later than May this year.


The Wolf Fund's board includes:

Þorsteinn Jóhannesson, chairman

Eiríkur Finnur Greipsson

Gísli Jón Hjaltason

Hörður Högnason

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