Applications for domestic travel expenses will change from July 1, 2024, due to changes in regulation no. 1140/2019

The key changes are these and apply to trips made on July 1, 2024 and later:

  1. The basic right of health insured persons to co-pay travel expenses will be four trips, in journeys exceeding 20 km each calendar year.
    The right has been 3 trips a year since the beginning of last year, but before that it had been two trips every 12 months.
    It is still a condition that it is a necessary disease treatment that cannot be obtained in the local area.
  1. It is no longer necessary to return a medical certificate for the basic right, which will now be four trips per calendar year. A person can turn to Sjúkratyringar's representative at county commissioners around the country and get travel expenses paid on the basis of travel documents such as a plane ticket or fuel receipt. If an electronic invoice for access to health care is available from Sjúkratyringar, no further data needs to be submitted. If such an invoice is not available, payment for arrival or other confirmation of arrival must be shown. Data can be submitted electronically.
  1. Doctors and midwives still have to apply for travel expenses due to repeated trips in connection with serious illnesses. Requests for such travel expenses are made on the form Report for domestic travel expenses, which is available on the Norwegian health insurance website under Forms.

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