The Icelandic technology company 3X-Technology is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary. For that reason, the owners and managers decided to make a good impression on the town and gave the geriatric department of the Vestfjörður Health Foundation two tablets. These are so-called iPad tablets, but they have proven their worth in similar departments around the world, where they give clients and relatives the opportunity to connect to the world wide web and thus communicate with relatives and friends in an easy and cheap way.

In the picture are Rannveig Björnsdóttir, department head of the geriatrics department, Hildur Elísabet Pétursdóttir assistant department head and Gunnhildur Gestsdóttir from 3X-Technology who delivered the tablets on behalf of the company.

The staff of the institute would like to thank you very much for this noble gift, with the certainty that exciting technology classes will now be in the hands of the geriatric ward.

Head.: UN