The response board of the Vestfjörður Health Foundation met this morning and the hospital in Ísafjörður has now reached a critical level.
The reason is that the patient who is currently in Landspítala and has been reported in the news has been receiving services at the Vestfjörður Health Center in recent days.
Three employees at the hospital in Ísafjörður are in quarantine and three more in processing quarantine. This has a significant impact on the services of the research department, the X-ray department and the surgery and accident department.
Samples have been taken and are on their way south for analysis. If the samples turn out to be negative, it should be possible to lift the danger level as soon as tonight.
It has been reported in the news that the patient was diagnosed with Covid upon admission to Landspítala. Recently, samples had been taken from the patient at Ísafjörður, which turned out to be negative.
This decision by the organization's emergency management was taken to ensure maximum security. Patients are not in danger and all serious cases can be treated. Some of the workers have already received a previous vaccination and thus have partial protection against the virus.
"This reminds us that we are not out of the wind. Disciplined quarantines are still important to ensure the health and safety of residents and employees," says Gylfi Ólafsson, director of the Vestfjörður Health Institute.

Author: GÓ