Medical insurance in Iceland

Who have medical insurance?

  • Those who have been living in the country for the past six months have medical insurance. Also those who have had medical insurance in another EU country the past six months and can confirm it with an E-104 form.
  • Children and teenagers, 16 years and younger, are medically insured through their parents. This is also valid for step- and foster children.
The service centre issues certificates to those  who have medical insurance.

Those who have no insurance and are residents here can get an exemption from the rules of residence in the following cases:
  1. When it is necessary to get assistance in sudden medical instances. 
  2. When the Icelandic disease control authorities demand that an individual undergoes examination on the suspicion that there is a serious contagious disease or it is known that the individual has been infected with the disease and it is necessary to begin treatment immediately. This dispensation is only valid based on the disease control laws and regulations thereof.
  3. When the patient has a kidney condition and must receive dyalisis treatment or when a patient needs oxygen. This dispensation is valid only for these types of treatments. 
  4. When a student has moved his legal residence from Iceland on account of his studies abroad and moves back to Iceland within six months after his studying has ended. 
  5. When an individual who has a life threatening illness, and moves back to Iceland for a permanent stay after having been living here for at least twenty years prior to this and has close relatives. The same goes for a child under 20 years of age who has a life threatening illness and moves to Iceland with its parents or parent who fullfills the above mentioned rules of residence.
The medical insurance field makes these exemptions and issues a special certificate if these conditions are met. A medical certificate and information on insurance must be included with this application.