Medical examination for residence permit

The health care center in Ísafjörður performs the medical examination on immigrants and issues a certificate of health to those who plan on applying for work and residence permits in Iceland.

Prior to the release of the certificate there must be a medical examination in accordance with the law of disease nr. 19/1997 and regulation nr. 131/1999. The medical examination on which the certificate is based is like this:

  1. Interview and examination by a doctor.
  2. In most cases these tests are made
    • TB (Tuberculosis) test of those who are 35 years old and younger
    • An X-ray picture is taken of the lungs of those older than 35 years old to rule out active TB.
  1. Blood test which is screened for:
    • Aids/ HIV
    • Hepatitis B
    • Hepatitis C
    • Syphilis
  1. In some cases the doctor evaluates if there is reason to do additional tests based on the medical history of the patient, e.g. stool sample because of suspected intestine infection.

If the results of the HIV, hepatitis and/or syphilis testing are positive the patient is called back for an interview.

If all the results are normal the doctor issues the certificate and sends it to the immigration authorities.

The certificate could take 2-3 weeks to be issued.

You can make an appointment for an examination, tel:450 4500, all workdays between 8:00 and 16:00.

The cost will vary based on the tests needed but a possible cost free medical examination for adults can be acquired at the outpatient department of contagious diseases at Landsspítalinn við Fossvog ( Hospital in Fossvogur, Reykjavík) and in lung and TB wards of Heilsuverndarstöð Reykjavíkur (Healthcare centre of Reykjavík) Children are examined at Barnaspítala Hringsins, Landspítala (Children’s hospital in Reykjavík).