Skiptistöšvar viš sundlaugina komnar ķ gagniš

24.01 2007 | Svavar Žór Gušmundsson
Minningarsjóšur Margrétar Leósdóttur gaf ķ gęr tķu skiptiborš sem nota į viš sundlaug endurhęfingardeildarinnar.

Er žaš bylting fyrir foreldra sem męta meš börn sķn ķ ungbarnasund enda var engin ašstaša fyrir hendi til aš afklęša eša klęša börnin fyrir og eftir sundsprettinn. Inga S. Ólafsdóttir afhenti gjöfina fyrir hönd sjóšsins en hśn hafši einmitt komiš auga į žörfina fyrir slķkum skiptiboršum žegar hśn mętti meš barnabarn sitt ķ ungbarnasund į dögunum.
Stjórn minningarsjóšs Margrétar Leósdóttur skipa auk Ingu žęr Aušur Helga Ólafsdóttir hjśkrunarfręšingur og Frišnż Jóhannesdóttir lęknir. 



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Chapter 2
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I was born on my grandfathers birthday, a couple of michael kors sneakers for women weeks early, weighing in at a respectable six pounds eight ounces, on a twenty-one-inch frame. Mother and I came home to her nike air max plus parents house on Hervey Street in Hope, where I would spend the next four years. That old house seemed massive and mysterious new balance factory coupons to me then and still holds deep memories today. The people of Hope raised the funds to restore it and fill it kate spade pink wallet with old pictures, memorabilia, and period furniture. They call it the Clinton Birthplace. It certainly is the place I associate with awakening kate spade new york accessories to lifeto the smells of country food; to buttermilk churns, ice-cream makers, washboards, and clotheslines; to my Dick and Jane readers, my louis vuitton louis vuitton bags first toys, including a simple length of chain I prized above them all; to strange voices talking over our party line telephone; michael kors diamond watch to my first friends, and the work my grandparents did.

After a year or so, my mother decided she needed to go back discount authentic louis vuitton handbags to New Orleans to Charity Hospital, where she had done part of her nursing training, to learn to be a nurse anesthetist. carteras michael kors In the old days, doctors had administered their own anesthetics, so there was a demand for this relatively new work, which would michael kors bags macy s bring more prestige to her and more money for us. But it must have been hard on her, leaving me. On the christian louboutin ankle boots other hand, New Orleans was an amazing place after the war, full of young people, Dixieland music, and over-the-top haunts like the women new balance Club My-Oh-My, where men in drag danced and sang as lovely ladies. I guess it wasnt a bad place for a beautiful new balance 1010 young widow to move beyond her loss.

I got to visit Mother twice when my grandmother took me on the train to New christian louboutin ron ron Orleans. I was only three, but I remember two things clearly. First, we stayed just across Canal Street from the French Quarter christian louboutin shoes sales in the Jung Hotel, on one of the higher floors. It was the first building more than two stories high I had chanel t shirts ever been in, in the first real city I had ever seen. I can remember the awe I felt looking out over michael kors bag all the city lights at night. I dont recall what Mother and I did in New Orleans, but Ill never forget what michael kors chain link watch happened one of the times I got on the train to leave. As we pulled away from the station, Mother knelt by barbour international quilted jacket the side of the railroad tracks and cried as she waved good-bye. I can see her there still, crying on her knees, buy louis vuitton cheap as if it were yesterday.

For more than fifty years, from that first trip, New Orleans has always had a special fascination for new balance stores me. I love its music, food, people, and spirit. When I was fifteen, my family took a vacation to New Orleans and kate spade bags outlet the Gulf Coast, and I got to hear Al Hirt, the great trumpeter, in his own club. At first they wouldnt let chanel.com bags me in because I was underage. As Mother and I were about to walk away, the doorman told us that Hirt was new balance knoxville sitting in his car reading just around the corner, and that only he could let me in. I found himin his Bentley pink louis vuitton bag no lesstapped on the window, and made my case. He got out, took Mother and me into the club, and put us christian louboutin reviews at a table near the front. He and his group played a great setit was my first live jazz experience. Al Hirt chanel handbags.com died while I was President. I wrote his wife and told her the story, expressing my gratitude for a big mans long-ago gucci outlet usa kindness to a boy.

When I was in high school, I played the tenor saxophone solo on a piece about New Orleans called kate spade booties Crescent City Suite. I always thought I did a better job on it because I played it with memories of my first prada discount shoes sight of the city. When I was twenty-one, I won a Rhodes scholarship in New Orleans. I think I did well in gucci luggage sets the interview in part because I felt at home there. When I was a young law professor, Hillary and I had a christian louboutin mules couple of great trips to New Orleans for conventions, staying at a quaint little hotel in the French Quarter, the Cornstalk. When chanel consignment I was governor of Arkansas, we played in the Sugar Bowl there, losing to Alabama in one of the legendary Bear Bryants new balance 748 last great victories. At least he was born and grew up in Arkansas! When I ran for President, the people of New michael kors gansevoort tote Orleans twice gave me overwhelming victory margins, assuring Louisianas electoral votes for our side.

Now I have seen most of the worlds great gucci official website cities, but New Orleans will always be specialfor coffee and beignets at the Morning Call on the Mississippi; for the music of kate spade aubrey dress Aaron and Charmaine Neville, the old guys at Preservation Hall, and the memory of Al Hirt; for jogging through the French Quarter chanel bags chanel bags in the early morning; for amazing meals at a host of terrific restaurants with John Breaux, Sheriff Harry Lee, and my other air max griffey pals; and most of all, for those first memories of my mother. They are the magnets that keep pulling me down the authentic nba jerseys china Mississippi to New Orleans.

While Mother was in New Orleans, I was in the care of my grandparents. They were incredibly conscientious about new balance 974 me. They loved me very much; sadly, much better than they were able to love each other or, in my grandmothers case, louis vuitton cheap to love my mother. Of course, I was blissfully unaware of all this at the time. I just knew that I was moncler bady jacket loved. Later, when I became interested in children growing up in hard circumstances and learned something of child development from Hillarys work gucci sukey medium tote at the Yale Child Study Center, I came to realize how fortunate I had been. For all their own demons, my grandparents kate spade gwen and my mother always made me feel I was the most important person in the world to them. Most children will make nike air max kids it if they have just one person who makes them feel that way. I had three.

My grandmother, Edith Grisham Cassidy, stood just i michael kors factory over five feet tall and weighed about 180 pounds. Mammaw was bright, intense, and aggressive, and had obviously been pretty once. She gucci for kids had a great laugh, but she also was full of anger and disappointment and obsessions she only dimly understood. She took it michael kors jet set all out in raging tirades against my grandfather and my mother, both before and after I was born, though I was shielded christian louboutin sale shoes from most of them. She had been a good student and ambitious, so after high school she took a correspondence course in louis vuitton handbag nursing from the Chicago School of Nursing. By the time I was a toddler she was a private-duty nurse for a man nike factory outlet portland not far from our house on Hervey Street. I can still remember running down the sidewalk to meet her when she came air jordan 15 home from work.

Mammaws main goals for me were that I would eat a lot, learn a lot, and always be neat and gucci cheap bags clean. We ate in the kitchen at a table next to the window. My high chair faced the window, and Mammaw tacked where are michael kors outlets playing cards up on the wooden window frame at mealtimes so that I could learn to count. She also stuffed me at new balance basketball shoes every meal, because conventional wisdom at the time was that a fat baby was a healthy one, as long as he bathed i love louis vuitton every day. At least once a day, she read to me from Dick and Jane books until I could read them myself, michael kors discount and from World Book Encyclopedia volumes, which in those days were sold door-to-door by salesmen and were often the only books besides air jordan retro 10 the Bible in working peoples houses. These early instructions probably explain why I now read a lot, love card games, battle my new balance insoles weight, and never forget to wash my hands and brush my teeth.

I adored my grandfather, the first male influence in my life, gucci flats and felt pride that I was born on his birthday. James Eldridge Cassidy was a slight man, about five eight, but in michael kors metallic tote those years still strong and handsome. I always thought he resembled the actor Randolph Scott.

When my grandparents moved from Bodcaw, which had chanel keychains a population of about a hundred, to the metropolis Hope, Papaw worked for an icehouse delivering ice on a horse-drawn wagon. In barbour waxed those days, refrigerators really were iceboxes, cooled by chunks of ice whose size varied according to the size of the appliance. Though barbour wellies he weighed about 150 pounds, my grandfather carried ice blocks that weighed up to a hundred pounds or more, using a pair nike shox shoes of hooks to slide them onto his back, which was protected by a large leather flap.

My grandfather was an incredibly kind and louis vuitton dust bag generous man. During the Depression, when nobody had any money, he would invite boys to ride the ice truck with him just kate spade tech to get them off the street. They earned twenty-five cents a day. In 1976, when I was in Hope running for attorney new balance in store coupon general, I had a talk with one of those boys, Judge John Wilson. He grew up to be a distinguished, successful lawyer, moncler sweatpants but he still had vivid memories of those days. He told me that at the end of one day, when my grandfather kate spade quinn tote gave him his quarter, he asked if he could have two dimes and a nickel so that he could feel he had gucci snow goggles more money. He got them and walked home, jingling the change in his pockets. But he jingled too hard, and one of shop louis vuitton bags the dimes fell out. He looked for that dime for hours to no avail. Forty years later, he told me he still louis vuitton monogram handbags never walked by that stretch of sidewalk without trying to spot that dime.

Its hard to convey to young people today the impact louis vuitton bags 2013 the Depression had on my parents and grandparents generation, but I grew up feeling it. One of the most memorable stories of christian louboutin second hand my childhood was my mothers tale of a Depression Good Friday when my grandfather came home from work and broke down and barbour peel jacket cried as he told her he just couldnt afford the dollar or so it would cost to buy her a new Easter kate spade espadrilles dress. She never forgot it, and every year of my childhood I had a new Easter outfit whether I wanted it or kate spade warehouse sale not. I remember one Easter in the 1950s, when I was fat and self-conscious. I went to church in a light-colored short-sleeved history chanel.com shirt, white linen pants, pink and black Hush Puppies, and a matching pink suede belt. It hurt, but my mother had been new balance 825 faithful to her fathers Easter ritual.

When I was living with him, my grandfather had two jobs that I really loved: he ran kids nba jerseys a little grocery store, and he supplemented his income by working as a night watchman at a sawmill. I loved spending the louis vuitton purses outlet night with Papaw at the sawmill. We would take a paper bag with sandwiches for supper, and I would sleep in the nike dunk high shoes backseat of the car. And on clear starlit nights, I would climb in the sawdust piles, taking in the magical smells of prada handbags sale fresh-cut timber and sawdust. My grandfather loved working there, too. It got him out of the house and reminded him of the authentic gucci belts mill work hed done as a young man around the time of my mothers birth. Except for the time Papaw closed the christian louboutin shoes australia car door on my fingers in the dark, those nights were perfect adventures.

The grocery store was a different sort of adventure. First, gucci kids shoes there was a huge jar of Jacksons cookies on the counter, which I raided with gusto. Second, grown-ups I didnt know came does michael kors have an outlet store in to buy groceries, for the first time exposing me to adults who werent relatives. Third, a lot of my grandfathers customers kate spade owl coin purse were black. Though the South was completely segregated back then, some level of racial interaction was inevitable in small towns, just as chanel quilted tote it had always been in the rural South. However, it was rare to find an uneducated rural southerner without a racist bone michael michael kors hamilton tote in his body. Thats exactly what my grandfather was. I could see that black people looked different, but because he treated them cheap michael kors wallets like he did everybody else, asking after their children and about their work, I thought they were just like me. Occasionally, black www.kate spade.com kids would come into the store and we would play. It took me years to learn about segregation and prejudice and the nike free 50 running shoes meaning of poverty, years to learn that most white people werent like my grandfather and grandmother, whose views on race were among gucci book bags the few things she had in common with her husband. In fact, Mother told me one of the worst whippings she ever louis vuitton handbags on sale original got was when, at age three or four, she called a black woman Nigger. To put it mildly, Mammaws whipping her was purchase louis vuitton bags online an unusual reaction for a poor southern white woman in the 1920s.

My mother once told me that after Papaw died, she found christian louboutin suede some of his old account books from the grocery store with lots of unpaid bills from his customers, most of them black. new balance sports bra She recalled that he had told her that good people who were doing the best they could deserved to be able to best new balance feed their families, and no matter how strapped he was, he never denied them groceries on credit. Maybe thats why Ive always kate spade purses outlet believed in food stamps.

After I became President, I got another firsthand account of my grandfathers store. In 1997, an African-American woman, Ernestine second hand chanel bags Campbell, did an interview for her hometown paper in Toledo, Ohio, about her grandfather buying groceries from Papaw on account and bringing cheap louis vuitton purses for sale her with him to the store. She said that she remembered playing with me, and that I was the only white boy cleaning barbour jackets in that neighborhood who played with black kids. Thanks to my grandfather, I didnt know I was the only white kid who chanel no5 did that.

Besides my grandfathers store, my neighborhood provided my only other contact with people outside my family. I experienced a lot in louis vuitton authenticity those narrow confines. I saw a house burn down across the street and learned I was not the only person bad things nba dog jerseys happened to. I made friends with a boy who collected strange creatures, and once he invited me over to see his snake. louis vuitton purses authentic He said it was in the closet. Then he opened the closet door, shoved me into the darkness, slammed the door shut, baby moncler snowsuit and told me I was in the dark alone with the snake. I wasnt, thank goodness, but I was sure scared to chanel factory outlet online death. I learned that what seems funny to the strong can be cruel and humiliating to the weak.

Our house was just a barbour shirts for men block away from a railroad underpass, which then was made of rough tar-coated timbers. I liked to climb on the timbers, listen what stores sell louis vuitton to the trains rattle overhead, and wonder where they were going and whether I would ever go there.

And I used to play new balance 2e in the backyard with a boy whose yard adjoined mine. He lived with two beautiful sisters in a bigger, nicer house than michael kors riding boots ours. We used to sit on the grass for hours, throwing his knife in the ground and learning to make it stick. nike free 40 mens His name was Vince Foster. He was kind to me and never lorded it over me the way so many older boys louis vuitton official website usa did with younger ones. He grew up to be a tall, handsome, wise, good man. He became a great lawyer, a strong gold christian louboutin shoes supporter early in my career, and Hillarys best friend at the Rose Law Firm. Our families socialized in Little Rock, mostly at christian louboutin discount shoes his house, where his wife, Lisa, taught Chelsea to swim. He came to the White House with us, and was a voice michael kors watches discount of calm and reason in those crazy early months.

There was one other person outside the family who influenced me in my early nike zoom flight club childhood. Odessa was a black woman who came to our house to clean, cook, and watch me when my grandparents were at blue kate spade shoes work. She had big buck teeth, which made her smile only brighter and more beautiful to me. I kept up with her white gucci loafers for years after I left Hope. In 1966, a friend and I went out to see Odessa after visiting my fathers and michael kors for women grandfathers graves. Most of the black people in Hope lived near the cemetery, across the road from where my grandfathers store had gucci man bag been. I remember our visiting on her porch for a good long while. When the time came to go, we got in nba jerseys sale my car and drove away on dirt streets. The only unpaved streets I saw in Hope, or later in Hot Springs when new balance womens sneakers I moved there, were in black neighborhoods, full of people who worked hard, many of them raising kids like me, and who kate spade handbags sale paid taxes. Odessa deserved better.

The other large figures in my childhood were relatives: my maternal great-grandparents, my great-aunt Otie and great-uncle Carl real chanel purses Russell, and most of all, my great-uncle Orenknown as Buddy, and one of the lights of my lifeand his wife, Aunt Ollie.

My christian louboutin gold shoes Grisham great-grandparents lived out in the country in a little wooden house built up off the ground. Because Arkansas gets more tornadoes moncler retailers than almost any other place in the United States, most people who lived in virtual stick houses like theirs dug a hole new balance 645 mens in the ground for a storm cellar. Theirs was out in the front yard, and had a little bed and a small gucci kids clothes table with a coal-oil lantern on it. I still remember peering into that little space and hearing my great-grandfather say, Yes, sometimes prada factory outlet snakes go down there too, but they wont bite you if the lanterns lit. I never found out whether that was true prada official website or not. My only other memory of my great-grandfather is that he came to visit me in the hospital when I broke chanel gst my leg at age five. He held my hand and we posed for a picture. Hes in a simple black jacket and gucci mens wallet a white shirt buttoned all the way up, looking old as the hills, straight out of American Gothic.

My grandmothers sister Opalwe called authentic gucci bags her Otiewas a fine-looking woman with the great Grisham family laugh, whose quiet husband, Carl, was the first person I knew who michael kors kingsbury grew watermelons. The river-enriched, sandy soil around Hope is ideal for them, and the size of Hopes melons became the trademark of authentic christian louboutin outlet the town in the early fifties when the community sent the largest melon ever grown up to that time, just under two cheap real louis vuitton bags hundred pounds, to President Truman. The better-tasting melons, however, weigh sixty pounds or less. Those are the ones I saw my great-uncle gucci handbag outlet online Carl grow, pouring water from a washtub into the soil around the melons and watching the stalks suck it up like a kate spade pencils vacuum cleaner. When I became President, Uncle Carls cousin Carter Russell still had a watermelon stand in Hope where you could get macy michael kors watch good red or the sweeter yellow melons.

Hillary says the first time she ever saw me, I was in the Yale Law School red barbour jacket lounge bragging to skeptical fellow students about the size of Hope watermelons. When I was President, my old friends from Hope put kate spade wellesley on a watermelon feed on the South Lawn of the White House, and I got to tell my watermelon stories to a christian louboutin lady peep spikes new generation of young people who pretended to be interested in a subject I began to learn about so long ago from co co chanel Aunt Otie and Uncle Carl.

My grandmothers brother Uncle Buddy and his wife, Ollie, were the primary members of my extended family. Buddy cheap michael kors purses outlet and Ollie had four children, three of whom were gone from Hope by the time I came along. Dwayne was an executive michael kors fake bags with a shoe manufacturer in New Hampshire. Conrad and Falba were living in Dallas, though they both came back to Hope often michael kors mens watch and live there today. Myra, the youngest, was a rodeo queen. She could ride like a pro, and she later ran off girls barbour jackets with a cowboy, had two boys, divorced, and moved home, where she ran the local housing authority. Myra and Falba are great nike dunk for women women who laugh through their tears and never quit on family and friends. Im glad they are still part of my life. louis vuitton blog I spent a lot of time at Buddy and Ollies house, not just in my first six years in Hope, but for cheap louis vuitton bags uk forty more years until Ollie died and Buddy sold the house and moved in with Falba.

Social life in my extended family, like michael kors marina tote that of most people of modest means who grew up in the country, revolved around meals, conversation, and storytelling. They couldnt afford gucci purse sale vacations, rarely if ever went to the movies, and didnt have television until the mid- to late 1950s. They went out a prada purses cheap few times a yearto the county fair, the watermelon festival, the occasional square dance or gospel singing. The men hunted and fished christian louboutin blog and raised vegetables and watermelon on small plots out in the country that theyd kept when they moved to town to work.

Though cheap chanel shoes they never had extra money, they never felt poor as long as they had a neat house, clean clothes, and enough food gucci belts cheap to feed anyone who came in the front door. They worked to live, not the other way around.

My favorite childhood meals were prada purses handbags at Buddy and Ollies, eating around a big table in their small kitchen. A typical weekend lunch, which we called dinner (the nike zoom turbine evening meal was supper), included ham or a roast, corn bread, spinach or collard greens, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas, green beans how to tell is a louis vuitton bag is real or lima beans, fruit pie, and endless quantities of iced tea we drank in large goblet-like glasses. I felt more grown up outlet louis vuitton drinking out of those big glasses. On special days we had homemade ice cream to go with the pie. When I was there early enough, I got to help prepare the meal, shelling the beans or turning the crank on the ice-cream maker. Before, during, and after dinner there was constant talk: town gossip, family goings-on, and stories, lots of them. All my kinfolks could tell a story, making simple events, encounters, and mishaps involving ordinary people come alive with drama and laughter.

Buddy was the best storyteller. Like both of his sisters, he was very bright. I often wondered what he and they would have made of their lives if they had been born into my generation or my daughters. But there were lots of people like them back then. The guy pumping your gas might have had an IQ as high as the guy taking your tonsils out. There are still people like the Grishams in America, many of them new immigrants, which is why I tried mens moncler jackets as President to open the doors of college to all comers.

Though he had a very limited education, Buddy had a fine mind and a Ph.D. in human nature, born of a lifetime of keen observation and dealing with his own demons and alma louis vuitton those of his family. Early in his marriage he had a drinking problem. One day he came home and told his wife louis vuitton pocket books he knew his drinking was hurting her and their family and he was never going to drink again. And he never did, christian louboutin simple pump 100 for more than fifty years.

Well into his eighties, Buddy could tell amazing stories highlighting the personalities of dogs hed had five or christian louboutin 70 off six decades earlier. He remembered their names, their looks, their peculiar habits, how he came by them, the precise way they retrieved gucci handbags sale outlet shot birds. Lots of people would come by his house and sit on the porch for a visit. After they left hed kate spade slippers have a story about them or their kidssometimes funny, sometimes sad, usually sympathetic, always understanding.

I learned a lot from the stories my barbour quilted jacket sale uncle, aunts, and grandparents told me: that no one is perfect but most people are good; that people cant be judged only barbour clothes by their worst or weakest moments; that harsh judgments can make hypocrites of us all; that a lot of life is just gucci outlet-online stores showing up and hanging on; that laughter is often the best, and sometimes the only, response to pain. Perhaps most important, I michael kors very hollywood learned that everyone has a storyof dreams and nightmares, hope and heartache, love and loss, courage and fear, sacrifice and selfishness. All christian louboutin biography my life Ive been interested in other peoples stories. Ive wanted to know them, understand them, feel them. When I grew up cheap louis vuitton outlet store online and got into politics, I always felt the main point of my work was to give people a chance to have better autographed nba jerseys stories.

Uncle Buddys story was good until the end. He got lung cancer in 1974, had a lung removed, and still lived to prada bags on sale be ninety-one. He counseled me in my political career, and if Id followed his advice and repealed an unpopular car-tag increase, I chanel mens sunglasses probably wouldnt have lost my first gubernatorial reelection campaign in 1980. He lived to see me elected President and got a big chanel outlet paris kick out of it. After Ollie died, he kept active by going down to his daughter Falbas donut shop and regaling a 2013 shopping michael kors whole new generation of kids with his stories and witty observations on the human condition. He never lost his sense of humor. nike shox for sale He was still driving at eighty-seven, when he took two lady friends, aged ninety-one and ninety-three, for drives separately once a week. michael kors sales When he told me about his dates, I asked, So you like these older women now? He snickered and said, Yeah, I michael kors watch set do. Seems like theyre a little more settled.

In all our years together, I saw my uncle cry only once. Ollie developed Alzheimers nike free size 11 and had to be moved to a nursing home. For several weeks afterward, she knew who she was for a few minutes louis vuitton damier azur a day. During those lucid intervals, she would call Buddy and say, Oren, how could you leave me in this place after michael kors shoulder bag fifty-six years of marriage? Come get me right now. He would dutifully drive over to see her, but by the time he nba all star jerseys got there, she would be lost again in the mists of the disease and didnt know him.

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